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If you want to create a PORTAL FOR WORK website and are looking for a cool and niche design for your requirements, then this PHP script is created for you. Job Portal Php Script Design is sleek and has all the specifications you need to have on the perfect job portal website. The job portal is created in PHP. It has a design for all pages, such as “Job Search Page”, “Job Details Page”, “Job Category List Page”, “Job Application”.

Entrance for employees

user → [email protected]

psw → demo

Company login

user → [email protected]

psw → demo


user → demo

psw → demo

Added new features

  • Compatible with Gdpr
  • Google Adsense
  • Google Captcha
  • Work report
  • Inquiry for employees
  • Inquiry of the company
  • Lots of payments
  • Looking for a job

    • Free registration
    • Profile created
    • Edit profile
    • Create an online resume
    • Add projects
    • Add experience
    • Add education
    • Add skills
    • Add languages
    • Upload a resume
    • Apply for a job
    • Search for jobs
    • Work signals
    • Management of applied workplaces
    • Mark the work as a favorite
    • Job filtering
    • Overview of companies
    • Signal for applied work


    • Free registration
    • Profile created
    • Edit profile
    • Employer packages
    • Post jobs
    • Management of published jobs
    • Edit or delete jobs
    • Management of applicants
    • The short list of candidates
    • Manage selected candidates
    • View candidates profile
    • Download summaries

    ADMINISTRATOR: can manage the entire website:

    • Administrative users
    • Workplace management
    • Manage companies
    • Manage searchers
    • Manage content pages
    • Blog management
    • Management of recommendations
    • Manage the languages ​​of the site
    • Location management
    • Manage employer packages
    • Management of Seeker Packages
    • Manage site settings
    • Manage job attributes
    • Language management
    • Layout management
    • Management of the theme controller
    • Mail template management
    • Management of a membership plan

    Free installation of Job Portal Script
    Job Portal Script homepage
    Job portal script header
    Job Portal Script homepage
        Script to work on the job portal
    Search portal script search page
    View a list of candidates for the job portal script
    List of companies on Job Portal Script
    Job portal script job advertisement
    Job Portal Script blog
    Login to the work portal script
    Job portal script, contact page
    Mobile view of the work portal script
    Work portal script function
    Work portal script

    This script also included “applying from the front end” so that new companies can add their work to the website to get jobseekers to apply for a job and the employee to see their job status. Companies can manage job postings. We have created a login and registration page for employees and companies. There is also a Blog section in the topic. The website can provide details about its new service in the blog section.

    There were 26 pages that give you a fully manageable website and are ready to convert to a job portal website. Companies can manage their profile and post jobs, and employees can apply for these jobs and check their job status. It consists of a home page, 4 headers and 4 footers, 4 home pages. There are many other pages such as job search page, job network view, job postings view, job details, job application page, job posting page, login, registration, blog, single blog page, information and contact page.

    Job Portal Php Script has 4 headers as well as 4 footers. This gives you more advantage over the usual topics on the market. The Job Portal Html theme will allow you to do all the work and give you the flexibility to customize the theme to suit your requirements. The Job Portal Html theme has all the features that should be present on the JOB website.

    Includes 15 pages layout. By using different headers and footers, you can make your website more attractive. Sometimes we need to show different headers and footers for the support page and forum pages. This topic will allow you to do for you.

    Job Portal Php Script also takes care of the blogging section. Blog pages are designed very carefully and have an elegant design. Nowadays, blogs are important for marketing content or providing information about a new product or service to your user.

    How to make changes

    You can find complete instructions in the documentation

    Included files

  1. PHP files
  2. CSS files
  3. JavaScript files
  4. Html files files
  5. Jquery files
  6. Sql

Slider used

an owl carousel is used for the slider.

Fonts used

All fonts are free and can be easily obtained from Google fonts

  1. free Baskerville
  2. “Source without a professional”
  3. without notches;

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