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Create a stylish and creative tooltip and pop-up window easily in minutes!

What is HotSpot Pro

HotSpot Pro is a WordPress plugin used to easily create stylish and creative pop-ups in a minute.

Why HotSpot Pro is best for you

The HotSpot Pro plugin helps you create hints or pop-ups to show important or critical information to your visitors.

The HotSpot Pro plugin supports both embedded content (ie mixed or arranged with your text paragraph) and a separate paragraph as required.

The HotSpot Pro plugin can be launched with plain text or a button or image or a mixture of text / icons, after which onClick / onHover will display a pop-up window or tooltip.

HotSpot Pro features

The HotSpot Pro plug-in is no other tool for creating hints, its main functions and convenient use make it preferred by others.

Creator of button / anchor themes

Built-in easy-to-use button / anchor theme builder (text and icon combinations, single or both) that match the design of your website or show your own creativity!


Hint / pop-up theme creator

Theme Builder included to create stylish and great tooltips / pop-ups to display important or critical information to your visitors !.

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