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Facebook Chat Messenger

Facebook is one of the global social media platforms with more than 2 billion users worldwide and counts.

So Facebook is also used as one of the standard login applications for registering on various websites, but here we consider the Facebook Chat Messenger login plugin, which is applicable to owners of WordPress sites / stores.

With this plugin, any WordPress store owner can easily integrate Facebook Messenger into their site. This will allow customers to have one-on-one direct conversions with the site owner and will improve the customer experience in the store / site.

Establishing fast and friendly communication with your customers is very important in today’s competitive environment, Facebook messages will be the way to stimulate the best customer experience and keep in touch with your customers, which will lead to more sales in your store, Facebook Messenger Widget Allows you to start conversations on both desktop and mobile phones.

About 70% of people in the digital world use social media every day for different purposes and to have an active profile, so it is very useful to be a guest of your customers and stimulate more sales in your store.

Just install this plugin and add your active Facebook page and you’re done. You don’t have to stick to the live chat system, this extension allows your customers to talk on Facebook. You can choose the color of the Facebook icon of your choice.

Administrator overview

Facebook Chat Messenger for WordPress - 1

Front view

Facebook Chat Messenger for WordPress - 2


  • Easy installation
  • Activate / deactivate the status of the plug-in
  • Allow your customers to send messages to your official Facebook page directly from your store
  • Take customer support to the next level with Facebook’s messaging platform
  • Add a greeting message to start a conversation
  • A different congratulatory message when the customer logs in to Facebook
  • A different congratulatory message when the customer has not registered Facebook
  • Achieve next-generation customer support for using facebook messenger
  • Massenger theme color management
  • Compatible with woocommerce
  • Compatible with all topics

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