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  • Pure organized code – The whole project has many subprojects. All subprojects work together on the concept of Monorepo.
  • React & React Native (Expo) – The best technologies used for web and mobile devices respectively. Expo gives the power to build applications for iOS and Android from the same source code and from any operating system, Windows or Mac OS.
  • Database and hosting – For the database we use the stable database of Firebase in real time and the own hosting platform of Firebase. Firebase features are used for all server logic. We have been working on Firebase for years and trust that it is the best for application development.
  • Authentication – Authentication is managed by Firebase Authentication. Phone-based authentication (OTP SMS) is the main method. In addition, Social Auth using Facebook and Apple are also included.
  • Map-based approach – Drag an address picker or use autocomplete supported by the Google API. Full vehicle tracking on the map. Google’s APIs are then used to calculate estimates of time and distance.
  • Flexible reservation – There is a reservation now and planning later. Select the available vehicle options. Immediate evaluation before booking confirmation.
  • Types of vehicles – The customer’s booking page offers different types of cars to choose from. They are set by the administrator with different tariffs for distance and time.
  • Reservation management – All users have the function to view their full list of reservations in the App and Web. Select a reservation and cancel. The administrator can manage all reservations.
  • Shipping options – Fully automatic sending with option to manually send jobs to drivers. The administrator can send manually.
  • Channels – Possibility to cancel for reasons. Weak system for defining multiple cancellation fees based on conditions. Fully automated credit to Wallet.
  • Website features – Online web reservation for the client and reservation management option. Included are basic pages like landing page, About Us, Privacy Policy, and App Store Links for Landing Page Showcase.
  • Approvals of drivers – The driver’s registration is carefully designed to enter vehicle data and driver’s license for verification. They can be accessed by the administrator for approval. The approval system is optional.
  • Jobs for drivers – Real-time booking requests are added to the to-do list. Continuous audible warning for new operation if the application is in the background. Drivers have the ability to accept and ignore requests.
  • Ride Security – There are many security features integrated with the application.
    – OTP system for matching the customer with a pickup driver.
    – Alarm call function.
    – The customer can track the driver in real time.
  • Navigation – Google Map-based navigation is integrated into the system. The driver can direct the coordinates of the location directly to Google Navigation with one touch.
  • Fleet management – Administrators can add companies as fleet administrators. Fleet administrators have the power to add and approve their own drivers. Also check their income.
  • Profit and withdrawal of the driver – The driver’s income is added to the wallet. The driver can choose to withdraw funds from the wallet at any time. The application goes to the administrator for approval.
  • payment methods – There are 3 main payment methods – wallet, cash and online payment portals. Online payment gateways introduce various financial instruments into the application.
    Wallet – both customers and drivers have a Wallet. Customers can top up and pay from it. The driver’s income is added to the Wallet and they can withdraw. The administrator has the ability to load wallets for both types of users.
    Cash – Customers can pay in cash.
    Online payment gateway – The application has a payment option with integrated payment gateways that support cards and other payment methods.
  • Payment gateways – There are multiple payment gateways integrated with the application.
    Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Paytm, Payfast, Paystack, Liqpay, Paystack, SecurePay, Payu-latam, Culqi
  • Multi-language support – Ability to configure multiple languages. All languages ​​from left to right are supported.
  • Account management – The user can change their basic data and profile photos from the profile page in the application. The user can also delete their account from here.
  • User management – The administrator can add, edit, delete all 3 types of users, customers, drivers and fleet administrators. The administrator can approve the driver and also reset the busy state of the drivers.
  • Communication – The active reservation has an option for chat and phone call between the client and the driver. Chat has integrated Push Notification.
  • Bonus for recommendations and promotions – The amount for the recommendation and the promo code with validity can be set on the administration portal. The referral program is useful for both users who share and use the referral code to register. Promo codes can be used when making payments to take advantage of discounts.
  • Push notifications – Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Expo work together to provide the perfect Push Notifications system. All new bookings, changes in booking status and chat are covered by notifications. The administrator has the form for sending group push notifications to the users of the application
  • Statistics and reports – The admin dashboard comes with basic earnings statistics and an active driver card. There are full driver-based revenue and administrator revenue reports.
  • Documentation – Well-documented setup guide provided with code. Also video links provided in the document.
  • Updates – The code comes with all future updates for free. Updates include lifetime bug fixes, lifetime security updates, lifetime discretionary updates, and on-demand application store policy changes

What is included in the download

  • Program code
  • – Includes functionality for customers and drivers in the mobile application
    – includes a website and an administration portal
    – includes code from the server

  • Documentation

Technology used

  • Mobile applications (IOS and Android) – React Native and Expo
  • Admin portal and website – React and Redux
  • Database – Real-time Firebase database
  • Server API – Firebase Cloud Features
  • Maps and Location API – Google
  • Push Notifications – Expo
Taxi Exicube Android apk apple
Taxi Exicube
(Web + Administrator)
web button
Administrator account Country: India
Mobile: 9998887777
OTP: 123456
  • Editing and deleting Administrative pages such as Shopping Cart Types, Prices, Promotions, etc. are disabled in the Administration Portal for demonstration purposes.
  • Features such as email verification, driver approval and Ride OTP are disabled for demonstration purposes.
  • The above-mentioned disabled features in the Demo will be activated in your downloaded source code.

Test payment accounts

  • Client and guide account
    Create directly in applications (Use 2 different phones for client and driver)
  • Tape test card details
    Card number – 4242 4242 4242 4242 / cvv – Any 3 digits / expiration date – Any future date
  • Braintree test card details
    card number – 41111 1111 1111 1111 / cvv – Any 3 digits / expiration date – Any future date
  • Paypal username and password
    [email protected] / John @ 123
  • Paytm test credentials
    Press here
  • Paystack test card details
    card number – 4084 0840 8408 4081 / cvv – 408 / expiration date – Any future date
  • Details of the Liqpay test card
    Card number – 4242 4242 4242 4242 / cvv – Any 3 digits / expiration date – Any future date
  • Flutterwave test cards
    Press here
  • SecurePay test cards
    Press here
  • Test card of Payu Latam and Culqi
    card number – 4111 1111 1111 1111 / cvv – Any 3 digits / expiration date – Any future date
  • Mercdo Pago test cards
    Test cards

Conditions and disclaimer

  • If you have questions, pre-sale or after purchase, please use chat or contact form if the team is not available to chat.
  • To discuss something after a purchase with us, you need to register your purchase in the member area, as explained here How to contact us
  • The downloaded code will have images for the place instead of a ready-made logo and used brands.
  • We always try to keep all screenshots updated here in codecanyon, but always refer to the Demo app for current updates. The given source code will be exactly the same as the current running version of the Demo App.
  • Setup and installation require technical knowledge. Knowledge of React Native and Firebase is preferred.
  • The source code requires paid Firebase and Google API accounts.
  • You can customize the application as you wish. But we do not support any customization requests.
  • Exicube Taxi is always under development. This is a very actively developed solution with frequent versions. There may be bugs / errors that will be fixed in the next update when it is reported.

Diary of changes

v1.9.2 (7 May 2022)
- Apple build with Xcode 13 and iOS 15 equivalent
- Google API limit issue solved
v1.9.1 (4 May 2022)
- Driver finding issue solved
- Minor Fixes
v1.9.0 (28 April 2022)
- React Navigation 6
- Expo SDK 44
- Node Js 16
- Mobile Login based Approach
- Multiple Destination Select while Search 
- Google API billing again optimized to cap minimum cost possible
- Google API will Support Language
- Direction API is costly and made optional from Admin Settings
- Web Setup Made Easy
- Wallet Add fund options configurable from Admin Settings
- Image Upload Size Reduce
- Captcha Appearing Frequency Reduced (This will depend on Google's Algo now)
- Car List View Horizontal & Vertical Options
- Push Notification Reject possibility requested by Apple
- Apple Location Permission String Changed
- Cancellation Fees on Admin Earning Report
- Driver Alert for Duty if turned Off
- All Driver ignore will cancel booking
- Facebook Privacy Policy updated
v1.8.0 (9 February 2022)
- Handle location permission rejection gracefully as per Apple
- Privacy policy updated with Account Deletion section as per Facebook
- Default Country and Autocomplete Restriction UI changed in Admin Settings 
- Web default language settings working
- Phone number mandatory check for Booking
- Optional Bank fields for Customers to Withdraw
- Other minor fixes
v1.7.0 (16 January 2022)
- Car Selection in App made Vertical scroller
- More Admin create page.
- Numbers after Decimal Setting Added
- Currency Symbol Switch Sides Given
- Negative Balance Allow for Driver Settings added in Admin 
- Customer Wallet Withdraw and Admin Setting to turn off feature
- Multi Languages moved to database and setup from Admin
- Google Autocomplete country search restriction in Admin Settings
- Admin Panel Design improved with more Settings
- Login Default Country settings from Admin 
- Trip Counts added to Reports
v1.6.0 (20 December 2021)
- RTL Support added
- Push Notification Page Added in Mobile App
- Push Notifications opens relevant page
- Theme file colours made easy
- A Test Payment Gateway added for developers
- Email verify issue solved
- And lot of fixes
v1.5.0 (17 November 2021)
- Expo SDK updated to 42
- All Payment gateways added to Web App
- Multi Language
- Manual Driver Dispatch
- Cancellation Fees and Cancellation Slabs
- Mercado Pago Payment Gateway
- Setup Steps reduced by 40% with Smaller Documentation
- Improved Map Page UI
- Setup Page for Admin & Database Setup
- API Restriction for Google API Keys
- Custom Search Component now supports Google API restrictions
- Car Icons on Map 
- Auto Date Styling based on selected Language
- Driver Home Page Changed
- Web Menu Collapsing
- OTP Sharing Prompt
- Language and All Settings shifted to Server side
- And many other major fixes
v1.4.0 (19 July 2021)
- System upgraded to Node.js 14
- Map load time reduced
- Location permission rejection keeps rest of App working
- Prices shown under Cars in Home page
- Convert to Driver page on App
- Option to use platform based Google API Keys for better monitoring.
- Tabs in RideList
- Wallet withdraw loader added
- Bank fields can be turned on/off for Registration
- Removed App Transparency (Not required on our App as explained by Apple)
- Driver Logoff to turnoff duty
- All old package decrepitation messages solved
- Documentation updated
- Plenty of minor fixes
v1.3.0 (10 May 2021)
- Database Structure changed and Firebase rules updated.
- Made Google Storage Policy compliant
- Expo SDK updated to 41
- Apple App Tracking Policy implemented
v1.2.0 (18 Mar 2021)
- Promo Usage Limit Fixed
- Few button loading and data auto refresh added
- Web Landing Page Updated
v1.1.0 (23 Feb 2021)
- Kilometer to Mile conversion
- Limiting the Places Search by Country
- Address History in App Place Search
- Estimate Distance and Time for Customer
- Base Fare Added
- Percentage and Flat Rate Commissions
- Number of minor enhancements
v1.0.0 (16 Feb 2021)
- Prominent Popup for Android is now moved after login
- Google API algorithms refined for Distance calculation accuracy.
- Share of App link added for Refer and Earn program.
- Driver expected time to Arrive added
- Dashboard added for Fleet Admins
- Cancel Reason added to Admin Booking History
- Sudden last week appeared Facebook Web Login issue solved
- Tons of minor enhancements
v0.2.5 (23 Jan 2021)
- Fleet Management and Fleet Admin
- User, Driver and Fleet Admin creation from Admin Panel
- Fleet Admin can also add and remove drivers
- User Types now on different Pages for easy Management
- Continuous & Background Car Honking sound option on New Job for Driver
- Topup User/Driver Wallet by Admin.
- Driver Rating on Driver App Profile
- Driver Income Page on App
- Extra field in Car Types which becomes small toolip on Car Types to show 
  extra information as popup
- Cancellation Reason modification page on Admin
- All text including STATUS and Configuration Texts moved to Language File.
- More fields on Driver Registration
- Settings on Admin Panel enhanced.
- Driver can now see Estimate Fare before rider and also Trip Distance / Time
- Wallet Negative Balance support for Drivers to take the initial commission
  of App owner on first rider then adjust later.
- Wallet and Cash made mandatory
- Authentication workflows changed to support Apple's policies
- Tons of other Small Fixes.
v0.2.4 (3 Jan 2021)
- Some more editable fields added in Admin Panel screens
- iOS 14 tested and made related updates
- iOS side updated for location related policies.
- Issues like double push notification sent from Admin Panel solved
v0.2.3 (26 Dec 2020)
- Android Location Usage Disclaimer Popup Added 
  (Google Policy - Mandatory for Playstore upload)
v0.2.2 (20 Dec 2020)
- Upgraded to Expo SDK 40
- More Config given to Enable/Disable Social Logins
- All Colors in single file for Mobile App
- Background Geolocation Tracking improved.
- Driver low Wallet Balance check on first Booking.
- All Website text and App About Us content added to Language file
- Loaders in Login Pages
- Emergency Menu
- Book Later issue solved and Tons of minor improvements
v0.2.1 (05 Dec 2020)
- Mono Repo approach for organizing multiple sub projects into a single project
- Documentation improved
- Setup video link included
- Notification and Rating update issues resolved
v0.2.0 (27 Nov 2020)
- Rider and Driver App Clubbed together for faster setup and easy maintenance
- Web and Admin Web App Clubbed together for faster setup and easy maintenance
- Documentation reduced by 70%
- Driver Wallet
- Driver Withdraw
- Driver Ride Cancel before Starting
- Admin Withdraw Checking
- Payulatam Payment Gateway
- Culqi Payment Gateway
- Driver New Booking Car Honk Sound
- Fully rewritten with Redux.
- High Scalability and Peformance oriented update
- Reduced and optimised database calls
- Minimal use of Google APIs
- UI Changes and other enhancements
v0.1.4 (11 Oct 2020)
- Paytm Payment Provider Added
- Payfast Payment Provider Added
- Paystack Payment Provider Added
- Liqpay Payment Provider Added
- Flutterwave Payment Provider Added
- Securepay Payment Provider Added
- Expo SDK 39 updated
- Driver towards Rider Pickup features
- Driver Arrived Notification within 50 metres
- Android random crash issue fixed
- Google Navigation for reaching Rider
- Optimised Google API usage.
v0.1.3 (07 Aug 2020)
- Expo SDK 38 updated
- Expo OTA Push Update on Start
- New Expo Push Notification API used
- Email Verification Settings added
- Driver Intro Screen Added
- Country Code in Mobile Auth Page
v0.1.2 (17 Jul 2020)
- New Intro Page for Rider Login
- Rider Later or Book Later (Biggest update)
- Cloud Scheduler and auto dispatch for Ride Later
- Auto Cancellation of No Response Bookings
- Google Login added
- Google Map and other API usage heavily optimised to save cost.
- Driver Approval is optional from Admin Settings
- Booking OTP is now optional for Admin Settings
- All Settings now only in app.json. One config file on each App.
- Flutterwave Payment Gateway Added
- SecurePay Payment Gateway Added
v0.1.1 (03 Jun 2020)
- Website Added
- Web Based Booking Added for Rider
- Ride Booking by Admin
- Android Design Issues Fixed
- Date Locale Config available on Apps
- Over the Air Update. No need to deploy to App Stores everytime.
- Paypal Added. Paypal through Braintree also exists as it was.
- Firebase Function upgraded to Node10
- All reported issues and bugs reported till date are closed
v0.1.0 (03 May 2020)
- Uploaded to Apple Store and Playstore.
- iPad and Tablet Support
- Email Login Added along with Mobile Login
- Panic Button Added
- Map Initialising to Geolocation Fixed
- Background Geolocation Added
- Driver External Map Navigation Added.
- Security Improvements
- Documentation improved and setup stages reduced
- UI changes.
- Mobile Login Added
- Email Login Removed
- Map Drag for Address Change
- Payment Modes Enable and Disable from Admin
- Change Currency from Admin
- Updated to Expo SDK 37
- Documentation improved
- Pay with Stripe, Braintree and Paypal
- Apple Login
- Location Notification Card Honk Sound
- Fix - Notification Sound for Android
- Driver coming for Pickup - Tracking
- Added minimum fare
- Convenience fees are in percentage
- Real time on-trip tracking in driver side
- Driver income screen
- Improve payment receipt in both app
- Add wallet money
- payments and income reports in admin pannel
- Driver wise payments reports with filter in admin pannel
- Expo SDK updated to version 36.0.0
- Documentation improved
- Facebook code change as per new Expo version
- Expo updated to latest for Rider
- Documentation improved
- Wallet.
- Transaction history.
- Card Payments.
- Save Card features.
- Push Notification.
- CSV export from Admin Panel.
- Bulk Push Notification from Admin Panel.
- Facebook Signup for Rider.
- Promo Code Apply.
- Registration through Refferal.
- Chat between Rider and Driver
- Referral bonus.
- Dynamic car type.
- Multiple booking.
- Commission Settings for Each Ride Type.
- Driver duty Online and Offline.
- OTP verification for ride.
- Supports 64 bit Android.
- Todays, monthly and Total earning statistics on Admin pannel.
- Add/ Edit car type and rates on Admin pannel.
- Add/Edit promos on Admin pannel.
- Add/ edit referral commission on Admin pannel.
- Show all bookings on Admin pannel.
- Approve Driver Account on Admin pannel.
- Real time Map and show all drivers on Admin pannel.
- Show all users on Admin pannel.
- Search location using google auto-complete.
- One step and easy booking process.
- Only one booking at a time.
- Live tracking of your ride.
- Ride alert for nearest drivers.
- Only Email/Password login is integrated for this version.
- Forms Validation ready.
- Smooth Animation between screens with drawer navigation.
- Infinite scroll and clean UI.
- Fully component based project structure.
- Billing and Rating Ready.
- Complete bookings history.
- Backend with Firebase real time database 
  (Firebase is Google's mobile platform that helps you quickly develop
  high-quality apps and grow your business).

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