Download Free Endless Quiz with Admin Panel and Firebase Realtime Full Version

Endless test is a multifunctional quiz application that comes with 4 types and powerful features. Developed in Java with Android studio, the admin panel and api are developed with the Strapi framework (Koajs and Reactjs). You can easily create games with tests in 4 types, such as True / False, Scratch, Multi-Selected and Text-Image formats. You can add an unlimited number of questions to these quizzes and you can also easily convert them into prize games.

  • Four types: True / False, Scratch, Multiple Selected and Text + Image
  • Easily integrates with the administration panel
  • Easily integrates with Firebase to support real-time
  • Add / Delete / Update quizzes, prizes, questions, options, etc.
  • Leaderboard function
  • Admob is integrated with a banner, banner and video with prizes
  • In-app shopping is integrated for buying gold (using some of the game’s jokers)
  • For now, just sign up with Google to be more secure
  • Easily active / passive to quizzes
  • FCM push notification to add from firebase messages

Google Play demo:

Demo of the administrative panel:

Username: admin
Password: 123456
Images and icons from Flaticon and Pexels
Endless test with admin panel and Firebase in real time - 1

Administrator settings
Endless quiz app

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