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username: [email protected]

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password: 123456


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eBazaar – All in one CMS for e-commerce with multiple providers

eBazaar is an e-commerce CMS designed as a great solution for any type of grocery, e-commerce store or shop. You can use this project as a great app for a supermarket, restaurant, grocery or e-commerce business to sell products from your store. This e-commerce makes it easy for the consumer to buy a product from a store with easy steps and the store can receive easy orders.

Add mobility to your store by taking advantage of the eBazaar website – e-commerce with Laravel Admin Panel for Superadmin, Store Owner and Provider


Web Features:
- Laravel Admin Panel
- Advanced Dashboard
- Manage Shop
- Manage Products
- Assign Product in Shop
- Forgot password
- Locations
- Areas
- Categories
- Products
- Customer
- Administrator
- Auto-update
- Shop
- Shop With Delivery Charge
- Shop Open and Closing Time
- Tentative Delivery Time
- Orders
- Update Order Edit
- Update Other Status
Diary of eBazaar v2.2

Diary of changes

December 24, 2021 v2.1
- [Feature Added] Customer credit report with order total order Report
- [Feature Added] Delivery boy and customer withdraw Report
- [Feature Added] Delivery boy collection Report
- [Feature Added] Change status directly from the order page
- [Enhanced] Installer issue solved
- [Enhanced] Bugs solved
- [Enhanced] SMTP issue update

Diary of changes

February 10, 2022
1. Bank Module Add
2. Product Import
3. Purchase Code Bug solving
4. Other Minor Bug Fixed
5. FCM Topic Notification add Admin panel
6. FCM Topic Notification api
- Initial release v1.0

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