Download Free Coronavirus Tracker (COVID-19) – Multilingual + Realtime Data + Vector Map + Ads Full Version

Coronavirus Tracker is a web application that runs on any platform that you can use to make your own real-time statistics and virus updates. It is equipped with a vector Google Map, which shows statistics of infected countries. The script is very mobile, so it can be adapted to any screen size. Ad slot is provided for attaching AdSense ads or any ads from any platform. It generates data from trusted API sources such as WHO.


  • Real-time statistics on viral infection.
  • Real-time statistics for all countries.
  • Real-time death and recovery statistics.
  • Shows mortality and recovery rate for each country.
  • Display other statistics such as new daily events, new daily deaths, critical conditions, and more.
  • Responsive for mobile devices.
  • Supports ads.
  • Multi-language support; up to 10 languages ​​are supported.
  • Free use of API, to build a personal API, send a pricing message.


Download Link Coronavirus Tracker (COVID-19) – Multilingual + Realtime Data + Vector Map + Ads


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