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Classic Flutter news is ideal for your magazine, blog, news portal. You can also use it for a news agency, personal blog, technical blog, magazine, local news or online newspaper to the next level with this news system. Includes all required flutter source code. It’s easy to customize according to your needs for a news publication requirement.

The flutter application template created in Android Studio allows you to create your own news app, full of featured news, breaking news, breaking news, categories, sharing, favorites, offline reading, HTML news formatting, image support and more others.

Application customization and news settings can be managed through the admin page

Classic landing page for the Flutter News app

Key features of Classic Flutter News:

  • Made with Flutter and Dart
  • Unique design and animation
  • Step-by-step documentation
  • Clear code comments throughout the code
  • Devices for easier reuse
  • PHP admin panel
  • Create an application for Android and iOS with one code base
  • Clean, simple and stunning user interface
  • Support for dark and light theme
  • Save more than 200+ hours of development
  • User registration, login, password reset, OTP and validation
  • User Profile and Search
  • Supports Admob ads – banner and banner
  • Firebase Analytics for tracking user data and application performance

Administrative panel

You can access Administrative panel login and password are already set for you here.

Demo administrative panel

Android News App - 4

Demo of the Android application

Game Store

The classic Flutter News app is best for news, blogs and magazines

Direct download of a demo application

The classic Flutter News app is best for news, blogs and magazines

Classic home screen of the Flutter News app
Classic news for the Flutter News app
Classic application Flutter News breaking news

Classic news for the categories of the Flutter News application

Classic application Flutter News single news

Classic favorite news of the Flutter News app

The classic favorite news of Flutter News
Classic Flutter News settings

Diary of changes


What's new?
1. Added AdMob  Ads
2. Splash Screen goes out after 2 seconds
3. Added YouTube Video Support
4. Added Support For HTML Links
5. Modified Demo Database
6. Added Support for Firebase Analytics
7. Admin Panel - Delete News
8. Admin Panel - Delete Category
9. Admin Panel - Newly added news come first
10. Admin Panel - You can Manage User with Admin Panel

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