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Advance Affiliate is a clean and minimal blog script, ideal for writers / affiliate marketers, with simple creative features and effects that make readers feel the pleasure of reading blog posts and articles and boost your affiliate marketing business.
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Main characteristics

Here are some key features we provide in our Advance Affiliate product:

  • [NEW] GoInstaller – easy and fast setup
  • [NEW] Many topics
  • [NEW] Integration of one signal (Web Push Notifications)
  • [NEW] Mailchimp integration
  • [NEW] Ajax-based blog commenting system
  • Control panel with site analysis
  • Dynamic menus
  • SEO optimized interface
  • General settings, custom CSS options
  • Security entry panel
  • Database backup option
  • Product management module with pros and cons and your own custom connection from Amazon.
  • Comment management module for accepting and rejecting comments from visitors.
  • Email module with HTML, CSS template.
  • Contact us with a backend response module.

Security features

  • CSRF protection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS) protection.
  • SQL injection protection
  • Secure Bcrypt password hashing

Click here to see the interface

Click here to see BACKEND

Letters of credentials

Username: admin
Password: techiesadmin

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GoInstaller – Quick and easy setup

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Version log

Version 1.5 release date [13/3/2022]
1. [NEW] Installer - Easy and Quick Install
2. Bug Fixed
Version 1.4 release date [22/8/2021]
1. [NEW] Ajax Based Subscribe
2. [NEW] Themes Updated
3. [NEW] Validation Contact form
4. [NEW] Google Adsense Dynamically
5. Bug Fixed
Version 1.3 release date [22/5/2021]
1. [NEW] One Signal Web Push notifications
2. [NEW] +1 Theme Added.
3. [NEW] Image Intervention Library added.
4. [NEW] Ajax Based comment system
5. [NEW] Mailchimp Subscription module.
Version 1.2 [26/4/2021]
1. [NEW] Web Analytics on Dashboard
2. [NEW] General Settings management.
3. [NEW] Custom CSS option
4. [NEW] Dynamic Menus with drag and drop features
5. [NEW] Database Backup Option
6. Login Security expanded
7. Some small fixes and bugs resolved
Version 1.1 [14/4/2021]
1. Logo Issue on mobile size (frontend) solved.
2. Footer Responsive Issue solved.
3. Meta Module (edit functionality issue resolved)
4. Server Side Form Validations Updated.
5. Recent Comments Added on Dashboard
6. Recent Contacts Added on Dashboard
Version Initial Release 1.0 [09/4/2021]

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