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Coupon for BlackFriday to describe WordPress

BlackFriday Coupon is a useful plugin for WordPress that can improve your conversion rate on a day like BlackFriday. If you have a wordpress site that sells something, you can now offer a BlackFriday sale coupon.

You can choose from 3 actions to display the modal window with your BlackFriday coupon.

  1. Upon login (after loading the website)
  2. When scrolling (Once the visitor starts scrolling)
  3. When leaving (when a visitor intends to leave)

The main functions

  • Customize your modal popup.
  • Change the title text, color, size, alignment, and spacing.
  • Change the subtitle text, color, size, alignment, and spacing.
  • Change the coupon text, background, size, color, fill, letter spacing, border, border style, etc.
  • Change the background image for a modal pop-up.
  • …and more

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