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Anofie Pro – Remastered anonymous feedback system

Create an anonymous feedback platform. Give your community the opportunity to share the truth once.


What is Anofie?

Anofie is an anonymous feedback system. Using Anofie, you can launch your special platform for anonymous feedback in your domain. Anofie is better than the popular anonymous feedback website. It is more secure, scalable and ready to use in production.

Just download it, install it directly on your server and start collecting honest suggestions and feedback from your friends, employees or customers creatively and professionally.

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Please give your honest feedback and ratings. We need your support to deliver regular updates with exciting new features. ❤️

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Great and advanced features

  • Better than the original

    Anofie is better than the popular anonymous feedback website. Anofie is secure, scalable and ready to use in production.

  • Global usability

    Multiregional, time zones, languages, including RTL support. Set regional locales and use Anofie anywhere in the world.

  • Extremely responsive and user-friendly interface

    Fully responsive design optimized for the mobile experience, including iPad, iPad-pro, small screen laptop and large desktops

  • Git, manageable and easy to upgrade

    Anofie controls the version with Git. Easy to update to newer versions and track new changes. Automatic update with Anofie installer.

  • Incognito message

    Send and receive messages while remaining anonymous. When the user knows that his privacy is protected, you can count on his honesty.

anofie-Message incognito

  • Messages in a frame

    Add custom background frames and select one when sending a message. Also share the message in a frame on social media.

Messages framed with anofie

  • Answer anonymously

    Reply to messages by remaining anonymous.

anofie-Reply anonymously

  • Ask questions, get answers

    Post questions to your profile and get real-time answers from friends and colleagues.

anofie-Ask questions, get answers

  • Pinned questions

    By default, the questions are personal, as are their answers. Post the questions to make them public.

anofie-Pinned Questions

  • Social media sharing

    Easily share profiles and feedback on Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp at the touch of a button.

anofie-Sharing on social media

  • Native language sharing

    Share feedback on social media in any language. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, we really mean every language.

anofie-Native language sharing

  • Follow anonymously

    Follow users anonymously to receive the latest notifications.

anofie-Follow anonymously

  • You are in control

    Blacklist IP addresses and registered users or customize your time zone, language and more from the convenience of your admin panel.

anofie-You control

  • Customize profile links

    Make your website unique by choosing whether to display user profiles as subdomains or subfolders.

anofie-Customize profile links

  • Assigning user roles

    Get help with reported feedback and other administrative tasks by easily assigning administrator and moderator roles.

anofie-Assigning user roles

  • SSL support

    Protect all sensitive data and keep your connection secure by enabling SSL with wildcards in your domain and subdomains.

anofie-SSL support

  • One-click installation

    Install our script on your server in minutes without any experience.

anofie-One-click installation

Why choose Anofie Pro?

  • Get the source code and implement it on your server

    Our all-in-one anonymous feedback platform is the best self-improvement script for both personal and corporate environments. Collect honest suggestions and feedback from your friends, employees or customers in a creative and professional way.

  • Identify weaknesses

    Learn what people in your community are afraid to say to you by gathering honest feedback.

  • Increase employee retention

    Employee turnover is expensive. Give your employees a voice and raise the morale of the company.

  • Responsive. Sure. Hello

    Protect your customers with state-of-the-art security and a clean and attractive user interface, regardless of screen size. Optimized for all devices in an increasingly mobile-friendly world.

  • Full support from installation to deployment

    Whether you want to install it on your server, manage it on a monthly basis, request a new feature or have another request, our support team is here for you every step of the way.

Our services for Anofie Pro

  • Free installation (only without developer license)

    You get free installation and deployment of a server (cPanel / shared hosting only) for all first class products.

  • Lifetime free updates

    Receive free updates on premium products for life

  • 6 months free maintenance

    You receive 6 months of free first-class support for all first-class products

  • Review and evaluations

    You can add product reviews and ratings to express your thoughts.

  • Support tickets

    You can send support tickets for any type of personalized support.

Read about the General Terms and Conditions for Premium Support of our company here- Classiebit Terms and Conditions

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