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6amMart is a complete delivery system for food, groceries, groceries, packages, pharmacies or any type of product, developed with the help of Laravel and Flutter Framework. 6amMart’s powerful administration panel will help you control your business intelligently.

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– Please register a customer from the user app and create a Delivery Man ID from the admin panel for a better experience. One more thing, the demo database will reset 3-hour intervals.

Administrative panel Panel of the store User application Supplier application. Shop app web application Documentation

March 6 in the morning includes of 3 mobile applications, 2 web panels and 1 website –

  • Client application for Android, iOS and web, developed using Flutter.
  • Delivery Boy app for Android, developed using Flutter (must be purchased separately).
  • Android and iOS store app developed with Flutter (must be purchased separately).
  • Super admin web panel developed with Laravel (administrator can provide role-based access).
  • Web panel of the store, developed with the help of Laravel (the owner can provide access based on roles).

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Order Flow (Happy Road)

  • The customer places an order from a store (cannot place an order from several stores at the same time)
  • Delivery boys receive this order in the order request section and accept it for delivery.
  • After confirmation from the supplier (If you include the model to confirm delivery), the store owner receives the order on his board and begins processing or cooking, and hands over the items to the courier.
  • If the order is digitally paid, the order will go directly to the confirmed status and the store will receive the order on its board (it will not depend on the confirmation of the courier).
  • If the administrator includes the store confirmation model, then in both cases there is no need for supplier confirmation, but after the stores, the confirmation providers will receive the acceptance order.
  • The Supplier accepts the order, confirms the order (if COD), takes the order and delivers the order to the Client.
  • If you order on your own, the stores will manage all the steps.
  • For scheduled orders, all operations will start 15 minutes before the scheduled delivery time.

Top features:

  • Draw the exact coverage area on the map: In the admin panel, you can manage multiple coverage areas for your business. The map drawing tool will help you draw your cover exactly. Shops can be added to these areas. Only covered users can order.
  • System modules: 6amMart is designed for all types of delivery, but we categorize it as a system module.
  • Many stores: 6amMart is a system supported by many vendors. So you can add an unlimited number of stores and manage them easily from the admin panel.
  • Integrated SMS OTP: 6amMart comes with a bunch of integrated SMS Gateways. They are all popular and you can confirm your users in a smarter way.
  • Item management: You can control the entire article section by managing categories and subcategories, attributes, add-ons, units, and more. You can add items to any store. And the Stores panel will also get an item management feature.
  • Advanced order management: The 6amMart item order management feature will help the store administrator and manager manage each order very efficiently.
  • Shipping Management: Shipping management will help you quickly identify which orders are in progress and which orders are waiting for a supplier.
  • Applications for men’s delivery: You can create an unlimited number of suppliers and through the delivery men applications they can easily accept an order, deliver an order and earn money. You can set a freelance provider option or a pay provider option from the admin panel.
  • Manual appointment of a supplier: The 6amMart admin panel will give you another important feature for your business. You can directly appoint an existing custom vendor.
  • Marketing section: 6amMart Admin will provide you with a very rich administrative panel where you can control all the basics of marketing. Campaigns, banners, coupons and features for Push notifications will help you grow your business very quickly.
  • Accounts section: You can view store and delivery revenue, process withdrawals, collect money manually, and have a lot of staff.
  • Reporting and statistics: Full of statistics and reports will help you identify the cash flow of your business and all financial conditions. In the control panel you will receive very rich statistics and you can examine them by zone and time.
  • Employees section: The 6amMart Admin and Store panel have employee sections. Where you can create a new employee role and easily access your employee to your 6amMart portal.
  • Business setting: Business settings will help you set up your business the way you want. You will receive many configurations to make your business unique.
  • Full user application and web: You will receive the 6amMart mobile application and web source code with this package. We developed this via flutter, so the app can be used by both android and iOS.
  • Multiple payment gateways: 6amMart comes with a bunch of integrated payment gateways. They are all popular and you can start your business right away.

Register of changes –

Version 1.4.1 31 May 2022
 - POS for admin
- Test Data delete option
- Module category for all zone (The stores of that module can serve orders in all zone)
- Provide all zones data based on delivery location (If there are multiple zones overlapped in a location)
- New Product details page for user app and web
- Reporting for stock management 
- Update Address details ( additional fields like road, house, floor )
- Improvement in the parcel checkout page
- Fixed some other small issues. 
- Performance improved
- Compatible with flutter 3.0
Version 1.3 of 12 May 2022
 - Fixed iOS browser login issue
- Fixed Payment gateway redirection issue
- Update payment gateway SDKs
- Fixed Category page store to item switch issue
- Fixed some other known issues.
- Added SMTP setup test by sending a test mail
Version 1.2 – April 27, 2022
 - New design for web app landing page
- Improved landing page design for admin panel
- Mail for customer registration, order place, self-registration for restaurant and delivery man
- Social media URL
- Mail subscription option for collecting mail address
- Added search in the store page
- Multi theme for user app home page - module wise (Upcoming more theme)
- Footer for the web app with other UI changes
- Fixed some other small known issues. 
- Performance improved.
- Fixed maintenance mode problem in the admin panel
- Fixed digitally paid order mail in the admin panel
Note: If you face any login-related problem in the user app after the update, please delete the vendor folder from your server and then again update the admin panel. The update process will create the vendor folder again. 
Version 1.1 – April 3, 2022
- Fixed some small issues.
- Performance improved.
Version 1.0 – March 25, 2022
- Initial Release.

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