Differences in first and third person games

Have you ever wondered what makes a game in first person or third person perspective? This is the difference between first and third person games.

All video games need to present the game to the players in some way, and most do so through a first-person or third-person camera view. Although the differences are very obvious, there are many differences between how a game works in first person or in third person.

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What is the difference between first person and third person games?

To know the difference between first and third person games, let’s take a look at the basics of each visual style. Since video games can be very different, we’ll talk in general. Keep in mind that first-person and third-person views usually apply to 3D games, because 2D games typically feature angles that only have two sides. Although technically we can think of 2D games as from a third person perspective, they will not be the same as third person cameras in 3D games.

What is a first person perspective game?

First person games are games that you play from your character’s perspective. Since the first person tells the story through “I” statements, the first-person gameplay allows you to see exactly what your character sees.

Having said that, there is no “game camera” that you can manipulate to get a better view of the world around the game. Your only option is to look around, like to see what’s right behind you by moving your character’s entire width.

This affects how you interact with the game world in many ways. For example, if you want to know if the enemy is hiding near a corner, you cannot check without exposing yourself in the same corner.

In most first-person games, your character’s hands (and weapons, if any) are always close at hand. You are usually restricted to seeing other things in your personality. As a result, most first person games distinguish their heroes by the way other characters interact with them.

Examples of first-person games

  • counter strike
  • Far Cry 4
  • Resident Evil 7
  • witness
  • Driver Club

What is a third person game?

Unlike first-person games, third-person games refer to games in which you see your character as a spectator rather than controlling the game from their direct point of view. Usually, you see your character from an over-the-shoulder or behind-the-back perspective.

In third-person games, the camera follows behind the player’s character, allowing you to see more of what’s going on around him than in first-person games. For example, in third-person games, you can move the camera around in a corner to see what’s behind it, while keeping your character safe on the other side.

Since the third person view allows you to see your character all the time, this game can show his personality more easily. Watching how characters walk, interact with their environment, interact with events, and even the clothes they are wearing can help you learn more about those events through visual clues.

Example of a Tird-Person

  • gears 5
  • Days gone by
  • GTA V
  • world war z
  • Need for Speed ​​Payback

Do second person games exist?

With all this discussion about first and third person games, you might be wondering if second person video games really exist.

While video games can use second-person story structure, the second-person camera system is meaningless. The closest analogy would involve watching your character’s actions through the eyes of others.

Not surprisingly, second-person camera systems in games are so rare. There are some scattered examples, like Siren on PS2 where you have to play through your enemies’ eyes, but that’s not something you see often.

If you are interested in knowing how second person games happen, you can click here over here Watching video games from a second person perspective.


Now you know the difference between first and third person games. Both have benefits and drawbacks. In fact, in the example above, there are many games that have first-person and third-person perspectives like GTA V. Try playing games in different genres to decide which one you like best!

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