Connect the MikroTik router to the access point

There is a great need to access the Internet via a wireless network. Furthermore, we have areas that cannot be accessed using cables. We are aware that many MikroTik Router devices do not have wireless features in them. So we need an additional device, which is the access point. So how Connecting a MikroTik router to an access point? Below are the configuration steps.

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Connect the MikroTik router to the access point

1. First we enter the menu IP>Address Then click the icon “Add” To configure the IP, and make sure that our router has access to the Internet, here the administrator uses ether 1 for Internet and ether 2 for local devices

MikroTik IP Address Configuration

2. Next we create a DHCP server for Ether 2 or a local network, we can use it DHCP Server Setup To speed up the configuration, because we will be using the DHCP server from MikroTik and not from the access point.

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Mikrotik DHCP Server Setup

3. Then we configure the access point, we can connect the laptop to the access point using a cable or wireless, and make sure we get a DCHP IP from the access point, then we connect to the IP-Gateway Access Point in the web browser, here the administrator uses the access point D-Link DAP-1360.

D-Link Setup Wizard

4. Then we enter the menu wireless Then we change the name of the access point device and we can enter the password to make it more secure.

D-Link Wireless Setup

5. Then we enter the menu LAN In Access Point, then we change the LAN connection type to fixed. Then we change the IP Access Point so that it is one class with the local MikroTik IP, and for the gateway of the access point, use MikroTik ether2 IP or LAN. Then we turn off or disable the DHCP server access point and then save the configuration of the access point.

D-Link LAN Setup

6. If you have finished saving the Access Point configuration, connect the Access Point to the ether 2 port or the local MikroTik network.

7. Finally, if the access point is connected to MikroTik, we can check if the device connected to the access point has a DCHP IP. If it does, then our configuration was successful.

Check DHCP Access Point


This is how to connect MikroTik Router to an access point, we just need to connect MikroTik IP to the access point IP so we can use MikroTik’s DHCP network and server, so it’s easier when managing the client.

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