Cisco Understanding and Features (FULL)

Good sister! How are you? I hope you are all well. Because this time the administrator will discuss the issue Cisco, ranging from understanding to its full function. Cisco itself is a telecommunications company that is more concerned with the quality of its products, but behind the excellent quality, Cisco products are relatively expensive compared to other product vendors. Okay, without wasting time, let’s get straight to the point Checkidot!

Understanding Cisco

Cisco is the main equipment that is widely used in the Wide Area Network or Wide Area Network (WAN). With a Cisco router, information can be forwarded to addresses that are remote from each other and that are on different computer networks. Aiming to be able to transmit data packets from one LAN to another, Cisco routers use tables and routing protocols that work to manage data traffic.

Data packets reaching the router are checked and forwarded to the destination address. In order for the received data packet to reach its destination quickly, the router must process the data very precisely. For this reason, Cisco routers use the central processing unit (CPU) as used in computers to quickly process data traffic. Like a computer.

Cisco History

In 1980, a husband and wife named Len and Sandy Bosack worked for various computer companies. They have difficulty getting computers working in different departments to communicate. So they made a gate and put it in the living room.

In 1984, they made a product called cisco (with a small c). And this is the forerunner of the networking world. When a Cisco gateway server was created, this discovery has changed the world of networking to the present day. Many believe that Cisco is the San Francisco system. Although these are two different things. And in 1992, the company was changed to Cisco Systems, Inc.

The first Cisco products

In the Cisco world, you may be familiar with the term “The Old Alphabet Supp Products.” This is the deadline for the first Cisco products. Cisco’s first products include:

  1. Advanced Gateway Server (AGS).
  2. Mid-range Gateway Server (MGS).
  3. Compact Gateway Server (CGS).
  4. Integrated Server Gateway (IGS).
  5. Advanced Gateway Server Plus (AGS +).

As the world’s leading networking company, Cisco is a leader in networking. Included in the Internet world, Cisco is unmatched. Cisco has changed history. Cisco has managed to make it easier for people to communicate, transfer, and send data, regardless of time, place, or platform.

Cisco Technology

Cisco Internetwork (IOS) Operating System

Cisco has developed its technology over the years. Cisco has provided a solution to every communications and networking problem. More and more hardware products that Cisco has released. In addition, Cisco also produces software called Cisco Internetwork Operating System or commonly called IOS. IOS provides all the features you need to optimize your network.

Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)

Cisco offers a portfolio of hardware or hardware and software or software that can bring customers into a new era of networking. Today, Cisco introduces Cisco Today’s Cisco DNA suite of technologies and services specifically designed to run on a single system and enable customers to move digitally:

Software-defined access (SD-Access).

SD-Access uses automated policy enforcement and network segmentation across a single network structure to dramatically simplify network access for users, devices, and more. By automating day-to-day operational activities, such as setup, provisioning, and troubleshooting or troubleshooting, SD-Access reduces network downtime, solves problems from weeks and months to hours, and reduces the impact of security breaches.

Cisco Certificate

1. CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate)

it is a first level certification. This certification teaches every IT person the real thing BASIC to have the basic concept network perfect. Holding this certification IT people will be able tohandle network with a capacity of about 250-500 user. (Note : There are NO conditions to follow education CCNA RS)

2. Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)

it is a second level certification that contains in-depth material as well as more complex cases. With this certification, IT people will be able tohandlenetwork with capacity over 500-2000 user and has several areas. (Note : Terms to follow education CCNP already owns CCNA material)

CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert)

is the highest level certification that contains in-depth material and special up to level SERVICES PROVIDER connectivity. Holding the CCIE certification, each IT people will be able tomanages the network with a capacity of over 2000 user. (Note : Terms to follow education CCIE already owns CCNA and CCNP material)

Cisco Features

Its function is to design a network system or topology that will be applied in the real world / work, because if we design a computer network topology without the help of an application like this, it can be expensive. That’s why Cisco has made an application like this so that people can learn without the need for expensive fees.

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Cisco Router Parts Features

The router serves as a link between two or more networks to transmit data from one network to another. Routers have parts that are almost similar to PCs. The parts of the router are:

1. RAM

The main function of RAM on a router is to store the running configuration and the active IOS operating system, to store the routing table, to manage the ARP cache, to manage the fast switching cache, to provide memory temporary for configuration files, to handle packet buffers, to manage packet queues. . The nature of RAM is that all stored data will be lost when it loses resources or is restarted.

2. NVRAM (non-volatile RAM)

NVRAM is useful for storing boot configurations (boot configuration). The content will remain even if the router loses power.


Flash is useful for storing IOS (Operating System Image). This memory can store different versions of IOS software. It is a type of EEPROM (Electronic Erasable Programmable ROM), so even if the router loses its power, its contents are still there.

4. ROM

The ROM is useful for storing bootstrap systems that work to manage processes and run Power On Self Test (POST) and IOS Image.


The interface is an external component of a router. Before configuring the router, each function of these components must be known in advance because the components to be connected to the router use different interfaces depending on the components to be connected. The image above shows the standard interface that is owned by a router


So, Cisco is a company that is engaged in network technology, as it is quoted in the slogan Cisco, namely “welcome to the human network”, telecommunications.

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