What is the main difference between Hacker and Cracker

The term “hacker” has become a widely used term for anyone who hacks a system. However, the term should be used appropriately as it describes a person with “respectful” intentions rather than an unpleasant “cracker”. Real hackers are basically puzzle solvers. But society in general now believes that a hacker is someone who hacks computer … Read more

10 Commonly Used Cyber ​​Attacks

talking about Commonly used types of cyber attacks The hackers are endless. There are many types or methods that cybercriminals use to forcibly breach the security of the system. In 2016, 758 million malicious attacks occurred according to Kaspersky Lab(The attack goes off every 40 seconds) There is no doubt that 2019 will break records. … Read more

5 sites that learn how to hack legally

If you are an ethical hacker, it can be difficult to test your skills without hurting anyone. Fortunately, there are resources out there that give us a mirage to hack, giving us a place to learn while keeping it legal. the following is 5 sites that teach us how to legal hack And without getting … Read more

5 Free Guides to Understanding Digital Security

Data breaches are now as common as phishing attacks and other digital threats. We need to know how to stay safe when using technology. You can check out 5 p.m.This free online guide to understanding digital security and protecting your privacy. Read also: 8 Tips for Maintaining Security on the Internet According to the Experts … Read more

What is password spray and how does it work

When we think of password hacking, we probably think of a hacker who tried several hundred passwords on one account. While this is still happening, a hacker sometimes sprays or sprays your password with a password. Let’s analyze what is spraying with a password and what we can do to defend ourselves. Read also: 5 … Read more

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