Here are 6 scary hacker groups in the world

Most people fear hacking groups or hackers. But there are some of the most terrifying hacker groups in the world. As we know, a hacker is a person who is very interested in the mysterious work and renewal of any computer operating system. The original use of the term “hacker” began in the 1950s when … Read more

15 Reasons to Switch to Linux

There are many Reasons to switch to Linux. Most of us still use Windows OS, because it is easier to use when compared to Linux. Either way, if you don’t enjoy using a Linux distro, Windows will be your preferred option. However, in reality, we tend to try something different, which allows us to switch … Read more

You must know here the 5 coolest Arduino projects

Talking about technological progress will never end. Technology from time to time will continue to evolve, one of them is Arduino projects This is the coolest thing that helps make human work easier. As we know, Arduino is an electronic board that allows you to build not only complex electronic systems but also unique electronic … Read more

What is zero day in the computer world

Sure we’ve heard the word Zero-Day/0-Day Exploit or vulnerability but we don’t know what Zero-Day actually is. Day zero attack or day zero attack is a term used to describe the threat of unknown vulnerabilities in computer programs or applications for which a patch has not been released, application developers are not aware of, or … Read more

Difference Wi-Fi vs Z-Wave? Which is better

WIFI It is no stranger to Internet users. But there are some devices that have different designations including Z-wave. They both have one thing in common, WIFI And the Z-Wave Both are wireless networks, and both allow your devices to communicate with each other. They do it differently. so what Difference Wi-Fi vs Z-Wave? Which … Read more

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