What is a server? (complete)

In computer networks, of course, we have heard about servers. Servers are often referred to as storing data or information in one place. Now to learn more about what server means, here’s a full explanation. server definition A server is a program or computer that provides services to other computer programs and their users, also … Read more

6 best operating systems for creating servers

A server operating system, or server operating system, is a sophisticated operating system specifically designed to run on the server side, a specialized computer running in a client/server architecture to serve the requests of networked client computers. When choosing an operating system, there is often a debate about the best operating system. But each of … Read more

How to install Debian using VMware

Hey friends, the administrator will now discuss how to install Debian with VMware for beginners, and by the way, you already know what is meant by a server if you haven’t read the previous article What is a server? (complete). Well, let’s just talk about that. Why use the Debian operating system? First, Debian Linux … Read more

How to configure a Debian IP address

Hello my friend! This time the official will discuss about how IP address configuration Debian, but if you don’t know how How to install Debianyou can see in the previous article. Well, let’s go to the discussion Checkidot! What is an IP address? An IP address (Internet Protocol address) is a computer identification in the … Read more

Basic things to know from Linux OS

Hello my friend, this time the official will discuss about Linux basic things to know. Linux OS is indeed the most popular operating system, especially in the manufacture of servers. In fact, almost all servers in the world use files linux as a server operating system. But did you all know that in Linux there … Read more

Managing and scheduling Linux OS processes

Hi sob! This time the supervisor will discuss about Linux operating system management and scheduling. as we know to treat It is the program that is being executed. In Linux OS, every program is a process. Processes can be created or killed. For example, when the Linux operating system is first started, that is, when … Read more

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