Definition and Functions of MikroTik (FULL)

Hello sister! how are you? Hope you are doing well because this time the official will discuss about MikroTik, from understanding to full functionality. In fact, MikroTik is currently a very popular thing, especially for vocational school children. Because this machine in addition to he is strong Also at a relatively cheap price and many … Read more

How to connect MikroTik to Winbox

Hello sister! how are you? Hope you are fine because this time the admin will discuss about MikroTik and Winbox. If you don’t know MikroTik you can check out the previous article Definition and Functions of MikroTik (FULL) And if you know nothing about Winbox, you can also check out the previous article, which is … Read more

How to configure static and dynamic IP on MikroTik

Configure static and dynamic IP on MikroTik Router really need. In simple terms, Static is a manual IP configuration while Dynamic is an IP configuration automatically or the client requests an IP from the server. Below are the configuration steps. Read also: The difference between static and dynamic IP address Static IP Configuration 1. First … Read more

How to create an internet portal using MikroTik

At MikroTik we must be familiar with the term Internet portal (network gateA device that connects computer networks to one or more computer networks with different communication media so that the information when transmitting a computer network differs from different network media. A gateway can also be interpreted as a computer that can connect two … Read more

MikroTik Firewall Features Functions

On the features of MikroTik Firewall It is an especially important feature that the main function of the router is to connect different networks, and the MikroTik firewall protects the router from threats / attacks that come from outside (internet) or from the client side. Similarly, to protect the network from other networks that are … Read more

Types of Certificates Offered by MikroTik

MikroTik It is a directed application developed by MikroTikls SIA, which is located in Latvia, a small country located in the north of the European continent. Not only applications, MikroTikls SIA also develops devices integrated with MikroTik software itself. Along with the increasing number of MikroTik users in the world, the need for professionals who … Read more

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