Download Free Jagif – WooCommerce Free Gift Full Version

Jagif – WooCommerce Free Gift

If you are looking for something that helps you offer a free WooCommerce gift to customers who come to your store and buy your items, which not only shows your gratitude to customers for choosing your products, but also encourages them to buy more to get the little sweet free gifts. This is exactly what … Read more

6 ways to get around an unavailable RPC server

make a remote connection (RPC) It is a technology that has been around since the advent of computers and uses inter-process communication techniques. Its main purpose is to enable the client and server to communicate with each other over the network. If you receive the error message RPC Server Unavailable, it means that your Windows … Read more

Download Free Pitza – Full Stack React Nextjs Single Restaurant Pizza Order And Delivery App Full Version

Pitza - Full Stack React Nextjs Single Restaurant Pizza Order And Delivery App

Pitza is a complete Nextjs Nodejs online pizza ordering and delivery application Sign in to the app admin: email: [email protected] pass: 123456 customer: email: [email protected] pass: 123456 Online documentation Credit @next-auth/mongodb-adapter @paypal/react-paypal-js @reduxjs/toolkit axios bcryptjs bootloader bootstrap-icons cookies-next formik js-cookie jsonwebtoken mongoose the next one next-absolute-url next-auth nodemailer nookies react react-home react-redux I react – … Read more

Here are 6 scary hacker groups in the world

Most people fear hacking groups or hackers. But there are some of the most terrifying hacker groups in the world. As we know, a hacker is a person who is very interested in the mysterious work and renewal of any computer operating system. The original use of the term “hacker” began in the 1950s when … Read more

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