5 advantages of PDF technology that few people know

In high-tech fields, rapid innovation and game-changing technological developments such as the Internet of Things, 5G networks, big data analytics, artificial intelligence and compress pdf multicloud grabs the most headlines.

But there are other technologies that have been popular and important for 25 years or more and are still at the core of our increasingly digital lives, and of course the Internet and the World Wide Web, which trace their origins decades ago but have become global. phenomenon in the mid-nineties.

Portable Document Format, or PDF, is another proven technology that continues to provide tremendous value to users and is, in fact, increasingly important in our digital lives. PDF technology has grown and evolved into a ubiquitous and indispensable technology that uniquely addresses the changing business, commerce, and personal needs of digital users.

It is important to note that PDF became an open standard in 2008, which has helped its continued growth and development. Standardization has allowed more companies and industry bodies to contribute to its progress and adoption.

PDF files are becoming increasingly valuable in the digital age. Here are some advantages of PDF technology that few people know about.

1. Can be used to create and share documents globally

It’s safe to say that when PDF first came to market in the early 1990s, most people didn’t appreciate how important it was to send and share documents electronically. Digital documents today, of course, are critical to the way we communicate and do business.

Companies and government agencies around the world use Compress PDF to distribute information in documents and collect information via forms. These documents and forms are shared via websites, email, or other electronic media, which greatly reduces printing, distribution and processing costs, and increases reach for customers and citizens alike.

The presence of nearly universal PDF readers on digital devices ensures mass availability of these documents. Whether the end user is using a Windows or Mac laptop or an iOS or Android mobile device, pdf technology works constantly across all platforms.

2. Suitable for storing electronic signatures

PDF documents and forms are also the basis for electronic signature solutions that dramatically speed up and simplify contract agreements and closings.

Some examples of electronic signatures include handwritten signatures on a tablet, scanned signatures, voice signatures, or just check boxes. The signature is created using the private key that the signer stores.

3. Information can be secured and privacy is guaranteed

PDF technology includes a variety of security and privacy features to protect information and document integrity. From password protection and encryption to redaction of sensitive information and content, these capabilities can limit access or limit users’ rights to modify, copy, and print pdf documents. This allows organizations to securely share documents and forms that contain confidential information.

4. More flexible file formats

Some people may already know that pdf files have more flexible properties than other file formats. This is because pdf files can be opened on all devices, be it a computer or a smartphone.

Due to the nature of this flexibility, this makes the pdf file format widely used today. Not only that, the pdf format also has a smaller size than other file formats and it is not difficult to open it on any smartphone device because the format will adapt to the capabilities of your smartphone.

5. Compatible with various operating systems and applications

Besides being flexible, the PDF format is also compatible with various computer operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac-OS, and others. Not only that, the software used on each computer will of course be different. So not all existing files can be opened and read by other computers. But it will be different if you are using pdf format. All computers will be able to open the pdf file even though the software is different.

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These are some of the advantages of PDF technology that few people know about. Just like other file formats, PDF format also has its own advantages over other document formats. Currently, the PDF format is used in many documents very widely. Whether it is in the public interest or in the private interest.

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